Strengthening strengths, addressing inadequacies, and developing new ones | Strategies for breaking through the lithium battery industry chain in the new cycle



From 1-3 of July, "Strengthening strengths, addressing inadequacies, and developing new ones" as the theme of the new energy field of the top industry summit - the 17th Gaogong Lithium Battery Industry Summit was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, the meeting lasted three days, set up a total of 7 sessions, nearly 800 government, business representatives and industry experts gathered together, around the new cycle of the lithium industry chain to seek breakthrough strategies. 

As a benchmark enterprise of lithium battery back-end equipment and sponsor of the summit, JSH company was invited to participate in the meeting. Huang Jianbo, the Vice President of HNAC Technology Co., Ltd and the Chairman of JSH company, led a team to attend the summit, Xiong Mingfu, the Vice President of JSH Research Institute, carried out in-depth communication on the relevant topics with other guests at site, and Li Nengka, Head of JSH Power Supply System Department, delivered a speech on the topic of "Opportunities and Challenges for Lithium Battery Equipment Enterprises".

At the summit site, the participants agreed that the lithium battery is leading China's new energy industry booming growth, promoting China's economic high-quality development because of its advanced technology, reliable performance, and green environmental protection characteristics; Meanwhile, as the integration of fast-charging batteries in new energy vehicles becomes an industry mainstream trend, fast-charging technology has become a focal point for battery manufacturers. Major companies are increasingly investing in this technology, but they also face numerous issues such as technical constraints and supply chain challenges.Facing the global energy transformation trends, the relevant enterprises need to "new quality of productivity" as the focus, and constantly promote the “Strengthening strengths, addressing inadequacies, and developing new ones”, to avoid the disorderly competition of price "involution", shaping the new momentum of high-quality development, in order to catch the pulse of the times in the wave of industrial restructuring and upgrading, and continue to move forward.

On the 2nd of July, JSH’s chairman Huang Jianbo attended the CEO Salon Dinner. In the heated discussion on the theme of "new" and "quality" in the battery industry, he gained a clearer understanding of the current industry development trends, and technological innovations, exceeding customer expectations, expanding internationally, and adhering longtermism...

In the face of new opportunities and challenges, JSH has continuously consolidated its scientific research and technology base, and dares to revolutionize itself to reduce the client's equipment investment, improve equipment efficiency, and ensure high reliability in the fields of digital twin, equipment fault diagnosis and prediction, the battery cell whole life cycle, and capacity prediction of the process, etc. At the same time, JSH has launched a number of new products, grasping the foresight, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency; the series of products have been ordered by the mass production line, and are highly praised by customers. In addition, the company has never ceased to carry out equipment research and development and is innovatively developing the third-generation formation all-in-one machine, helping the industry to run green acceleration. Moreover, JSH deeply promotes the integration and application of digitalization and informatization technology, through carrying intelligent logistics system and production information interaction with the factory MES system, it can accurately control electronic power, intelligent logistics, and digital factory station, make up for the short boards of complex process flow and lower-than-expected yield rate of the production line in the process of lithium battery manufacturing, and provide customers with automated and digitalized production solutions of lithium batteries. In addition, the company grasps the opportunity to go abroad and participate in a series of world-renowned battery exhibitions. At the recent Battery Europe 2024, JSH established ties with many leading enterprises, further promoting the internationalization process and creating a new growth engine.

" Panning for gold is strenuous work, but from under the grains of sand the bright shine will be rewarding". In the future, JSH will firmly adhere to the strategic vision of "becoming a global leading enterprise in automation and intelligent manufacturing of lithium batteries, and making green energy more efficient", and with the corporate motto of "strive for perfection, be honest and humble", it will aim at the new demands, tackle new technologies, lead new fashions, seek innovation and change, further become stronger and better in market competition, and provide JSH's power to build the zero-carbon ecology of the new energy batteries industry chain and provide precise strength for the development of new quality productivity.


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