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Stuttgart, Germany, June 18-20, 2024 - JSH made a remarkable appearance at the 2024 European Battery and Electric Vehicle Technology Exhibition grandly opened at Stuttgart Exhibition Center. This prestigious event brought together leading battery and electric vehicle manufacturers along with advanced high-end equipment enterprises from nearly 40 countries convened to showcase the latest scientific research achievements and innovative products, discussing future trends in the battery industry. With the theme of "Carbon Pioneering, Forward to the Future" JSH showcased new products such as HVDC water-cooling capacity integrated machine, formation and capacity grading machine power system, and negative pressure compression tray. JSH, together with renowned enterprises and experts, is charting a new chapter for the future, sharing China’s voice with the world.

Leading the Charge in Green Technology

During the exhibition, JSH's booth was bustling with activity. New and old customers flocked in, engaging in in-depth communication with the elite team on site. The company's colleagues garnered high recognition for their profound technical expertise and professional service attitude. Simultaneously, multiple exhibits garnered widespread acclaim from visitors for their outstanding performance and innovative breakthroughs.

With the "dual carbon" goal becoming a global consensus, the lithium battery industry is experiencing rapid growth. JSH has seized this pivotal moment to drive industrial innovation and expansion, focusing on the development of high-performance, low-energy-consumption products. Notably, the HVDC water-cooling capacity integrated machine utilizes HVDC, achieves a charging system efficiency of ≥87% and a discharging system efficiency of ≥84%. This machine seamlessly integrates into the factory's DC microgrid for flexible energy use, significantly improving energy conversion efficiency. It boasts advantages such as high efficiency, convenience, stability, safety, and energy savings, and has already seen successfully batch delivery.The new generation of large-chamber Baking equipmentfeatures fast heating, high vacuum, and excellent temperature consistency, integrating heavy-duty stacker cranes and logistics dispatch systems to meet modern industrial production’s high precision and efficiency demonds. The water-heating formation integrated machine adopts individual chamber self-heating and integrates the negative pressure module on the carrier, and closed electrolyte injection hole, eliminating client-side heating and dehumidification to achieve ultimate energy-saving, efficiency, and cost reduction at the manufacturing process. These products not only possess unique core advantages, but also have independent intellectual property rights, with key indicators reaching international advanced levels.

Expanding Domestic and International Markets

Amidst the wave of the energy revolution, domestic power battery enterprises are making significant strides overseas. JSH has strategically laid out its domestic and international markets, establishing a Shenzhen operation center and two manufacturing bases in Wuhan and Changsha. To ensure efficient execution of overseas projects, JSH has set up a European office in Hungary. This company has participated in the Battery Japan Exhibition, CIBF2024, and the European Battery Gigafactory Summit, collaborating with relevant authorities to explore cutting-edge technological changes.

Through this exhibition, JSH showcased key innovations achievements, advanced lithium battery equipment technology, and solutions, reaffirming the company's commitment to promoting high-quality development of new energy equipment and aiding Chinese brands in stepping onto the international stage. In the future, JSH will proactively integrate into the global market, demonstrating the elegance of a leading lithium battery backend enterprise. With a more open and confident posture, JSH will participate in global industrial chain cooperation, unwaveringly advancing its international development strategy and contributing wisdom and experience towards the "dual carbon" goal and sustainable development.


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