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As spring blossoms, JSH arrives in the Mountain City. From April 27th to April 29th, the 16th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2024) was grandly held at Chongqing International Expo Center. CIBF is known as one of the most influential new energy exhibitions in the world, with an exhibition area of 180,000 square meters and over 2,000 domestic and international exhibitors, providing new perspectives and practical paths for industry upgrade and efficiency enhancement.

Discussing Cooperation and Friendship, Planning Development and Future

With the theme "Advancing Toward Green, Leading the Future," JSH made a strong appearance at this exhibition. Chairman and CEO Jianbo (James) Huang , along with the elite team, attended the event and discussed the green future and carbon development opportunities with industry experts from both domestic and international sectors. At the exhibition, JSH showcased impressive products such as the high-voltage direct current water-cooled capacity integrated machine, high-efficiency charging and discharging power system, and fully automatic stacker crane, attracting a steady stream of new and existing customers for discussions. JSH's colleagues provided professional, efficient, and attentive explanations based on their strong technical expertise and high-quality service, showcasing new technologies in lithium battery intelligence and receiving high praise.

During the exhibition, JSH also held multiple expert lectures combining online and offline formats, providing participants with a multi-faceted platform for sharing. At the lecture venue, industry experts from both domestic and international sectors gathered to discuss industry hot topics and explore new paths for high-quality development in the new energy industry.

Continuing Technological Breakthroughs, Shining in All Aspects

As a benchmark enterprise in lithium battery equipment, JSH adheres to the green path in the context of the green economy and the dual carbon goals. The company has pioneered the integrated high-voltage DC water-cooled capacity integrated machine, which occupies less space and is more efficient. Compared to traditional split machines, it saves 30% of space and 75% of wiring costs; energy efficiency conversion from 700V direct to battery cells achieves charging system efficiency ≥ 87% and discharging system efficiency ≥ 84%; at the same time, compared to traditional independent capacity grading machine, it can reduce energy consumption by over 30%. JSH’s innovative application of high-voltage direct current bus technology helps customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, providing strong support for upgrading the formation and capacity grading processes.

In addition, JSH, based on over 20 years of experience in power electronics design and development, has independently developed a charging and discharging power system with high regenerative efficiency, high precision, and high reliability. By adopting a fully digital design, energy conversion is directly achieved between the high-voltage bus and the battery cell, effectively improving energy conversion efficiency; charging and discharging accuracy are achieved within 0.02% for voltage and 0.04% for current; the series of modules covers charging and discharging ranges from 100A to 300A; additionally, in the design of series modules, JSH's series power modules achieve charging peak efficiency > 95% and regenerative peak efficiency > 94%, with consistently stable and reliable parameters.

Besides the formation and capacity grading equipment, JSH also has over ten years of experience in the autonomous development of core logistics equipment, possessing the most core equipment in automated vertical storage—stacker cranes, with positioning accuracy of ± 2 mm. In recent years, as single-line capacity continues to increase, JSH has independently developed high-load stacker cranes and large chamber baking machine to solve the problem of high tonnage loading and transportation. The high-load stacker cranes can support up to 5 tons of cargo transfer, greatly increasing the load capacity per trip; the large chamber baking machine are highly compatible with high production lines, with thermal plate temperature uniformity reduced from ± 3 ℃ to ± 2 ℃ and contact points reduced to only 20% of the original, significantly reducing failure rates and achieving 20% energy savings. This effectively drives the lithium battery back-end towards cost reduction, energy saving, efficiency improvement, increased safety, and smarter development.

The current global wave of technological revolution is in a phase of vigorous development, and shaping China's economic new core competitiveness and development momentum with new quality productivity has become a key aspect of achieving high-quality development. Facing the opportunities of the era, in the future, JSH will actively respond to national strategies and work closely with its parent company, HNAC Technology Co., Ltd. (300490.SZ), to promote quality cooperation and brand building, increase industry alliance upstream and downstream matching rates, and enhance quality linkage in the industry chain supply chain. By injecting "JSH strength" into green development and providing strong momentum for the development of new quality productivity, we aim to jointly create a low-carbon and beautiful future.


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