J-X ultra-large pouch cell project



The project capacity is planned to be 3PPM, including hot-pressed fixture, stacker, sleeved restraint clamp, tray, logistics roller line, standing storage location, etc.; the company is mainly responsible for the overall design, on-site installation and commissioning of the project.
Technical breakthroughs:
● Realized pressurization mechanism design with over 10 times of regular pressure;
● probe design with over 5 times of regular current;
● customized non-standard fork design of stacker that can directly grasp 4 cells;
● automatic transfer of super-large pouch cell

The project includes pressurized heating jig, stacker crane, compression fixtures, trays, logistics roller line, static storage warehouse. JSH is mainly responsible for the overall design, on-site installation, and commissioning of the project.

Technology Breakthroughs:

Pressurization mechanism design with10 times more pressure than normal

Probe mechanism design with 5 times more current than normal

Non-standard fork capable of directly gripping 4  pieces of cells and customized for roadway stackers

Automatic transfer of ultra-large pouch cell



J-X super-large pouch cell project


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